How is photography in dentistry evolving ?
And is it the actual photography that is changing ? Or is it the applications that are changing?
We really haven’t seen vast changes in the way we take photos with cameras. But we sure have seen changes in how we take photos with phones……
Wow. Who would have thought !!

photography in dentistry camera

The days of film and slides in dental industry are behind us

Thankfully,  we have put the days of film and slides behind us and we now have everything in and instant!
This doesn’t change how our photos should look to be clinically useful, but it sure does impact the way we use our photos….in an instant. Those big flat screens and monitors in our clinics have been such a wise investment that our intra oral photography has become paramount in case acceptance and patient education

marketing in dental industry

Dental photography is important for your marketing

In a far away land with the film and slides, resides the telephone books with the Yellow Pages section and advertising. Moving forward like a freight train, is digital marketing. 
Digital marketing isn’t just limited to having a web page any more. It includes several different social media platforms and the STORYTELLING that goes along with it.
This is where the connections are  made. It’s sharing and showing and telling authentically with photos and a story.
Which is why it’s important to have good photos, consistently.
Perhaps why we have filters and effects for our photo sharing fun.

So what is the criteria for good dental clinical photos?

Great retraction is key ! Dry teeth and soft tissue. Frenums pulled.
No images looking up noses or mustaches creeping into your shot. You can use contrasters to block out unwanted background and soft tissue. By doing this it demonstrates incisal translucency better. Very important communication with your lab 😉
This series is pretty basic. I would add a full face with big smile, nose to chin big smile as well. Lips framing the smile is important. Some clinicians add side view smiles and repose as well. Repose photo is especially important for esthetic treatment planning in smile design software.
dental photography basics

What is a good criteria for marketing photos ?

Consistency !! Whether it’s an esthetic or surgical case, your before and after photos need to have the same visual perspective.

Same field of view.
Same light.
Same angulation.
Same teeth in both photos.

Use backgrounds and /or contrastors.
Leverage your editing tools.
Play with angles rather than straight on shots.

If you plan to go beyond a beautiful image gallery for your webpage or a photo book for the office, might I suggest…

dental photography with smartphone

Make yourself a branding board. You can do this through Canva or similar apps for Social Media use.

Choose a  color scheme that co ordinates with your office decor.

Choose the same font and font color for your posts.

Embed your logo onto your photos.

Look at other well branded social media pages to see how they flow. How their grid layout is.

Delegate or hire someone to do this if needed, although I’m pretty sure someone in the office will be savvy at social Media if you are not.

Have fun with it !

Written by Roberta Bertram CDA
Reviewed by John Zahel RDT