Is COVID 19 steering us into using more dental technology in the dental Industry?

With the recent pandemic, we have all had to rely on dental technology more for day to day functions. For some, this is a very foreign environment, others are loving it. Social distancing and our human need for connection are both equally essential so we must find ways to be creative to be safe, connected and work.

Certainly, we have all also experienced a massive increase in awareness surrounding infection control, with dental offices being under the spotlight.

A high level of infection control in in the Dental Industry has always been the norm…. but with a whole “new normal” on steroids! Patients’ safety is always paramount as is the safety of practitioners in the offices and Laboratories. The dental profession is one that always strives to develop and advance.

So how can we improve our infection control and how does dental technology fit into this?

Well, move OVER goopy, bad tasting mouthfuls of impression material!

BRING ON Digital Impressions!

New IOS ( Intra Oral Scanners not your iPhone update 😊 ) dental technology is off and running with no end in sight. It’s quite an exciting time actually!

Using a light source to scan an object, that then creates a 3D image which can be used for design, planning, education, communication, and of course fabrication. What an amazing tool to have to be able to zoom in on your scanned impression, check for discrepancies, re scan rather than take another…or another impression!

So now we are taking way more hygienic impressions, our patients that tend to gag are loving you so much more and we have a faster more precise workflow in and out of office.

Simply email your case/impression to your lab where they can 3D print, CAD/CAM mill or cast and hand finish your prescription. Upload the file into office software for case presentation, surgical, prosthetic, and esthetic treatment planning.

Fast, clean, accurate and no material cost, right??

With all these pros, what is the downside of an investment in this kind of dental technology ?

Cost of the technology, learning curve which will include stress and frustration yes. But put on your patience pants and look at the big picture. So many benefits for the ENTIRE team ( Patient + Dental office + Lab = Best outcome)

Some considerations before investing in this new dental equipment:

  • Best application for your needs
  • Training provided, accessibility of trainer
  • Warranty and software renewal, what components wear out first and replacement cost
  • Portability between ops and infection control incentives
  • Demo them ALL
  • Talk to your CAD/CAM specialist Reps

Roberta Bertram CDA

Spectrum Dental Lab, Representative
Spectrum Dental Lab